Amoris Divini et Humana Antipathia

Amoris Divini et Humana Antipathia

Amoris Divini et Humana Antipathia (2008)

Piano solo

Performed and recorded by Ernesto Hartmann, Vitória, ES, May, 2017

Duration: 11’.03”

The title of the suite refers to a work by the Flemish writer Ludovicus van Veuven, who lived in Holland in the sec. XVII. He speaks in four simultaneous languages ​​on the 73 kinds of love devoted to the Divine [soul] and to human nature [passions]:

1. Natura amoris (love of nature)

2. L’amour divin (divine love)

3. L’amour humain (human love)

4. Sanatio amoris (healing love)

5. Babylon amoris (love of Babylon [carnal love])

6. Hierusalem amoris (love of Jerusalem [spiritual love])

7. Et humani antipathia (human antipathy)

“Antipathy” here is posited, as in its Greek origin “antipathia” where anti = against and pathéia = affection – then I understand “human antipathy” only as something “carnal, erotic, gross, and wild” without attachment or emotional feeling. Musically, I tried to translate an apathetic, insensitive and insistent state in the melody of the right hand, where the drawing gradually accelerates until it reaches a “climax” and empties quickly. The ‘chacona’ – block of chords that are repeated extensively in the left hand, also allude to indifference, insensitivity, sameness ….

1. Natura amoris

2. l’amour divin

3. l’amour humain

4. sanatio amoris

5. babylon amoris

6. hierusalem amoris

7. et humana antipathia

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