Anjos de Rua – (Street Angels)

Anjos de Rua – (Street Angels)

Anjos de Rua – (Street Angels) (1996)

Dance-Theater play directed by Eid Ribeiro
Belo Horizonte – MG

Original soundtrack by Antonio Celso Ribeiro
Voice: Conceição Nicolau

This Dance-Theater play is inspired by real mad homeless people living at the streets of big cities: “Vumorrê” — a scared madman who wandered through the streets repeating for himself “I’ll die, I’ll die”; “Baptista” — a sweet, childish, clownish and inoffensive madman who thought he was “St. Sebastian” and “Tonha” — a desperate madwoman who asked everybody about her ‘lost toddler’.

Cast: Amaury Borges as “Vumorrê”
Marcio Gato as “Baptista”
Gercino Alves as “Tonha”

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