Crepusculum (Tasogare)

Crepusculum (Tasogare)

Crepusculum (Tasogare) (1995)
Theater play by Marcos Vinicius inspired by Japanese Noh Theater.

Directed by Jô Tostes and performed by Cia Anjos de Vidro – Belo Horizonte

Crepusculum (Japanese: たそがれ [dusk, twilight]) is a theater play inspired by Medieval Japanese Theater Noh. The plot is about a couple that meets in a hotel room somewhere and being strangers and intimate at the same time, they discuss their relationship.

The soundtrack is also deeply inspired on Japanese aesthetics. The song here named “Hotaru” (Japanese for “firefly”) is extracted of an ancient Noh play that tells a story about a firefly flying over a bridge in Udi River and falling in love with a man who was there every evening contemplating the moon…

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