Etseb (2017)

עֶ֫צֶב (etseb) (2017)

עֶ֫צֶב (etseb) (2017)

Violin Solo

Dedicated and recorded by Tania Sikelianou (Greece)


עֶ֫צֶב (etseb) (2017)

The word עֶ֫צֶב generally translated “pain”, it is sometimes translated “sorrow” or “grief.” In another point of view, it seems that this term is one principally devoted to poetic language, so some variety is to be expected in its usage and semantic range. In the Jeremiah book, most translations yield “idol” rather than anything related directly to “grief”, “sorrow”, or “heartache”… but it might be argued that the worship of idols is a cause of such emotions for G’d. In this composition, written in three short movements, all these meanings are intertwined in a polysemic way bringing up ancient memories of belief, worship, reverence and paradoxically, detachment. 

In the first section, the Violin evokes a bizarre two voice polyphony, portraying some agony and mood a little bit dark. In the second section, the Violin behaves like an ancient lyre bringing a kind of expectation to the listener. In the last section, the Violin evokes the sonority of the rebab, playing a sad and almost mournful song, sort of ancient memories of ancient times…

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