Four Impressions on a Portrait of a Female Worker

Four Impressions on a Portrait of a Female Worker

Four Impressions on a Portrait of a Female Worker (2018)

Clarinet Bb, Guitar and Doublebass.

Duration:  9’.35”


I – Sorrow

II – Omen

III – Expectation

IV – Resignation

Four Impressions on a Portrait of a Female Worker from Wyszków by Alter Kacyzne (1927) (2018)

Written and dedicated to Qualea Trio from Goiás, Brazil, Four impressions on a portrait of a female worker from Wyszków by Alter Kacyzne (1927) came just after a first look at Kacyzne’s photograph. The woman portrayed made a deep impression on me and worked as an extramusical object to inspired this sweet and melancholic and somehow harsh composition.

The feelings I’ve expressed in this composition is consistent by the personal history each Jew went through during the WWI and WWII and the Holocaust. Art can be an effective and powerful tool to express poetically the inner misery each individual carries through one existence.

For this reason the thematic material for all sections is very similar and the pieces are deliberately kept short, in suspension or with a feeling of incompleteness or non closure.

Kacyzne was a Jewish  writer, poet and photographer coming  from a very poor family. Born in Vilnius, Lithuania (1885) and died in Temopil, Poland (1941). He was an autodidacte and learned himself to read and write in Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew,Polish, German and French. In 1909, he moved to Ekaterinoslav (Ukraine) where he married Khana and learned photography. He travelled throughout Poland after WWI, chronicling Jewish life. Kacyzne tried to escape Nazi persecution in Poland and moved to Ternopil in 1941. That time the city was already occupied by the Nazis.

He was beaten to death by Ukrainian collaborators during the extermination of the town’s Jewish population. His wife was killed in the concentration camp, while his only daughter Sulamita survived hiding in Poland as a non-Jew. 

Qualea Trio are: Ricardo Freire (Clarinet); Sonia Ray (Doublebass) and Werner Aguiar (Guitar). This work was recorded in Norway in 2018 during Qualea Trio’s Europe tour.

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