Froia Arme (Lord Have Mercy)

Froia Arme (Lord Have Mercy

Froia Arme (Lord Have Mercy) (2014)
Cello (or Viola) Octet and instrumentalists’ voice

Premiered by UDI Cello Ensemble under the direction of Kayami Satomi – Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal – Rio de Janeiro, November – 2014

Duration: 9’

This piece for Cello Octet was commissioned for “Composers of Today International Festival” by UDI Cello Ensemble from Federal University of Uberlândia, MG and dedicated to Kayami Satomi. “Froia arme” means “Lord have mercy” and is the only phrase in Vandalic language to survive. The composition is divided into 3 short movements. The 2nd movement asks for cellists’ voices. They sing “Lord have mercy” in Russian, Greek, Arabian, Hebrew, Latin and Portuguese.

This composition makes use of some extended techniques like bow pressure turning pitch into noise, as well sub harmonics effects and microtones. The overall feeling is a sort of psychedelic baroque seen through a crackled glass.

For score requests and other informations, please contact the composer.