Palavras Soltas

Palavras Soltas

Palavras Soltas (2012)

For Soprano and Piano

Premiered by Janete Junqueira (soprano) and Antonio Celso Ribeiro (piano)

Duration: 21’.47”

It is true that words are signs loaded with emotions. And they bring in addition to the significant sonority, a whole range of images and inseparable memories, which transports us, even against our will, to our interior, awakening our past, unearthing our secrets, washing our soul… It’s impossible to stay indifferent. As (we, artists) we are crossed by the words of a poem, our mind is reacting and transforming, experiencing a connection of the suggestibility of the word with something that is beyond it: in my personal case, an acoustical image is formed and transformed into simple, sweet and precise melodical lines. These simple melodies are born impregnated with the original meaning of the words that inspired them. They bring in their constitution haptic, optical and acoustic sensations. For example, in fractions of seconds, a slight oscillation of the singing voice immediately transports us to the Portuguese Fado, with those delicate and poignant arabesques that will permeate the whole composition. Alongside these memories of Luso-Hispanic-Arab origin, some Baroque feeling is added – and the composition flows continually, telling a story.

Paraphrase and polysemy compete in the musical composition of “Palavras Soltas”. The first is manifested in the reconstruction of the central ideas of the poems – an almost faithful reading of the words themselves, supported and commented by the melodic phrases of the piano. The later is manifested through the ‘clipping’ of these same words and phrases, recombining them intentionally so as to reinforce other meanings. The poems, and therefore the music of “Palavras Soltas” carry the illusion of freedom of the senses, and may, at a first glance, sound loose and disconnected, when paradoxically each phrase / word / melodic line / musical note is vitally dependent on one another. They create a network of meanings and meanings that spread and settle within the psychological / emotional space of both the author and the composer, giving shaping the feelings, as an intricate Bobbin lace, simple and at the same time complex.

“Palavras Soltas” musical composition works on the same principle as the original poems that inspired it. It is based on the language structure, using the same mechanisms necessary for language processing, with it peculiar syntax and semantics, giving the listener/reader musical recognition patterns provided by the tonal/modal idiom of it melodies and harmonies, which gives them a certain pleasure in the ability to anticipate, and follow the musical sequences, leading to an apparently unique sense, yet paradoxically becomes polysemic in its nature, since musical language works concomitantly with the memory and personal experiences of the audience.

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