Pequena Esther brinca lá fora… (Little Esther plays outside…)

Pequena Esther brinca lá fora... (Little Esther plays outside...)

Pequena Esther brinca lá fora… (Little Esther plays outside…)(2008)

Solo Piano

Premiered and recorded by Carla Reis for her university extension program project “Piano.Pérolas: desvendando o repertório didático brasileiro” (Pearls of piano music: unveiling the Brazilian didactic repertoire) taking place at Music Department – Federal University of São João del Rei.

Duration: 1’

For this project I’ve composed a dozen of piano pieces intended for beginners to intermediate students. It was my first approach to create didactic pieces for children and teenagers trying to get out the commonplace, looking for beauty and poetry instead of focusing only on technical demands. Each piece is based on infant-related images or on my own childhood memories. The piece’s aesthetical nature have been attracting older students as well.

“Pequena Esther brinca lá fora…” brings out my jewish memories. In this short piece the tone and melodic colors of jewish folk music are discretely yet consistently present.

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