Soidade (2012)

piano , female vocal quintet and video projection


Alessandra Bezerra, Debora Casalechi, Ana Paula da Silva, Janete Junqueira, Lissandra Brito

Piano: Abnáder Domingues

Video production and photographs by Leonor Alvim Brazao shot in Lisbon, Portugal.

Duration: 28’

“Soidade” : In Galicia and in Trás-os-Montes this word translates the qualities of those who have memories of something or someone absent. Of soio – old form of ‘alone’, In Portuguese we translate for ‘saudade’ – inexpressible word, which sometimes refers us to feelings of joy, or tears our souls. The pain of those who suffer for those who have already deceased, mixed with the inheritance and responsibility to continue the legacy of this generous soul who planted seeds and left her mark on this lonely planet: it is dedicated to the blessed memory of Maria Leonor de Melo Miranda Mendes e Alvim – Portuguese pianist, poet and visual artist. “Soidade” works as a sort of threnody, a Requiem for the one who always preferred to celebrate life.

The work is an alternating continuum of female voices and piano solos and works as accompaniment for live video projection. The musical tempo is extremely slow and serious. The character is dramatic and the colors are sober. The musicians are dressed in black and cover their heads with an equally black scarf. The black color is part of the Portuguese culture and tradition. It is the color of mourning, fate, strength, nostalgia.

Is the color of Fado, the traditional Portuguese plaintiff song. The piano extensively exploits low pitches textures, with plenty of resonances and expanded techniques (harmonic sounds vibrated by sympathy). The song sounds pungent, dissonant, and strengthened by the text extracted from the last lines of Leonor’s poetry book (“Palavras Soltas”), released in Brazil in November 2011.

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