Solidão (Solitude)

Solidão (Solitude)

Solidão (Solitude) (1988)

Piano solo

Piano:  Abnáder Domingues

Duration:  2’.11”

“Solidão” (Solitude) is short composition inspired by Brazilian Poet and Writer Manuel Bandeira (1886 – 1968) poetry “A Estrela” (The Star):

Vi uma estrela tão alta,
Vi uma estrela tão fria!
Vi uma estrela luzindo
Na minha vida vazia.

Era uma estrela tão alta!
Era uma estrela tão fria!
Era uma estrela sozinha
Luzindo no fim do dia.

Por que da sua distância
Para a minha companhia
Não baixava aquela estrela?
Por que tão alto luzia?

E ouvi-a na sombra funda
Responder que assim fazia
Para dar uma esperança
Mais triste ao fim do meu dia.

I saw a so high star
I saw a so cold star
I saw a shining star
In my empty life.

It was a so high star
It was a so cold star
It was a lonely star
Shining in the end of the day.

Why that so distant star
Didn’t come down
To make me company?
Why did it shine so high?

And I listen to it in the deep shadow
Answering that it behaved this way
In order to give a sadder hope
To the end of my day.

The star is an obsessive image in the poetry of Bandeira, metaphorizing the absolute, the unattainable, and the light that guides. Since the “The Star” carries a high load of sadness, melancholy and hopelessness, music aims to express these feelings through a simple, sweet and repetitive melodic line, with suspended and inconclusive harmonies…

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