“The Good Dreams of a Poor Horse Keeper”

"The Good Dreams of a Poor Horse Keeper"

“The Good Dreams of a Poor Horse Keeper” (2016).

For Alto Nay (Traditional Uzbeq Flute), Chang (hammered Dulcimer), Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass and Percussion. Commissioned and premiered by Omnibus Ensemble from Tashkent, Uzbequistan, conducted by Artyom Kim.

Duration: 10’

The work is directly inspired by a ceramic plate from Seljuq period dated December 1210 and signed by Sayyid Shams al-Din al-Hasani. The plate represents a figure sleeping by a pool, accompanied by a horse and five other personages. The pool in the exergue shows a nude female figure surrounded by swimming fish. The scene clearly portraits a waiting groom with his master’s horse (richly caparisoned), with five attendants.

The groom falls asleep and dreams with a mytical figure (the naked female figure). Most scholars state that the fish, water, woman and horse all relate to Sufi mystical  metaphors. For my composition, I’ve assigned each instrument to a personage: The alto Nay is associated to the mystical woman in the pond; the Chang is associated to the asleep groom; the Strings are associated to the five servants; the Vibraphone is associated to the fish and water; and the remaining Percussion is associated to the horse.

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