Trinidad Lunar

Trinidad Lunar

Trinidad Lunar (2012)

Mezzosoprano & Piano

Duration: 8’.12”

Based on the eponymous work of Isidro Iturat , Catalan poet based in São Paulo. The musical composition is based on the three poems that form the trilogy, each one referring to a phase of the moon. In Iturat’s words, the moon is one of the most universal images that the human unconscious used to represent the eternal feminine and each of the lunar phases reveals one of the fundamental archetypes.

Thus, the waning moon is a virgin woman, who has not yet awakened to love; the crescent moon, the woman who has already incorporated the erotic and loving experience; the full moon, the mother. Mezzo: Poliana Alves; Piano: Fabio Santos. Live recording  made during the XX Abrão Calil National Piano Contest in Ituiutaba, MG – September, 2013 – when Antonio Celso Ribeiro was the central composer at this competition.

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