Two baroque sadness y uma vals ‘desvairada’ para él

Two baroque sadness y uma vals ‘desvairada’ para él

Two baroque sadness y uma vals ‘desvairada’ para él (2006)

Alto Recorder and Piano

Dedicated to and premiered by Projeto DuoBrasil – Betiza Landim (Alto Recorder) and Daniela Carrijo (Piano) at Teatro Rondon Pacheco, Uberlândia, August, 27th, 2006.

Duration: 9’.22”

This composition takes part in the CD “Projeto DuoBrasil: música erudita brasileira para flauta doce e piano”. Scored in three movements: I – Entrée; II – Passacaglia; III – una vals ‘desvairada’ para él. “Entrée” deals with a poetic melancholie, contemplative and respectful. The slow movement and the Recorder’s ornamentations allude to a handelian baroque atmosphere. “Passacaglia” is a cyclical danse, the piano playing an endless looping (ostinato) in unisono with the Recorder. The ‘vals’ is a “presto delirante” virtuosi movement, with large leaps on the piano part and rapid melodic patterns for the Recorder.

Projeto DuoBrasil is an important project for revival and nurturing of contemporary compositions for Recorder and Piano by Brazilian composers. My long partnership with Betiza Landim and Daniela Carrijo gave birth to some very representative works for Recorder and Piano, since Projeto DuoBrasil  has commissioning me works for each one of the Recorder family and Piano. I’ve written “two baroque sadness…” for Alto Recorder and Piano, “Tre Arcani Antiche” for Soprano Recorder and Piano, “Four Red Leaves” for Bass Recorder and Piano. On the list there are two more pieces: one for Sopranino Recorder and Piano and the other for Tenor Recorder and Piano.

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